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Deal with Bad Memories through Memory Reinterpretation

*Excerpt from the book Stop Fighting with Yourself and Move Upwards* When it comes to dealing with bad memories, Memory Reinterpretation (MR) is more difficult compared to Memory Neutralization (MN). MR is, however, more beneficial than MN, in the long run. You can check out Memory Neutralization technique here https://thelogicalist.com/how-to-neutralize-bad-memories/ MR allows you not only emotionally neutralize an event […]

Stop Fighting Yourself and Move Upwards

Stop Fighting With Yourself and Move Upwards

Wondering how you could possibly fight with yourself? Your mind is a battleground between two competing parts of your psyche. One center is your conscious Logical-self what we call the Head, and the other is the unconscious Emotional-self or Heart. In Psychology, they call these centers of willpower System 1 and System 2. Your every […]

improve your ability to control your emotions through practise

How to Control Emotions like Anger, Fear, Gluttony, Lust, Anxiety, and Nervousness instantaneously

This technique is taken from the book: Stop Fighting Yourself and Move Upwards Have you ever been told by someone to just think about something else when you are feeling anxious, sad, or angry? Have you then thought to yourself, “If I could just think of something else and get rid of my emotions, don’t […]