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This is me: Parasuram Thampi

Me at Amnesty International Conference
Me answering questions at an event

There is a lot of stuff I could say about myself but then so can everyone else, for the purposes of this blog site, who am I? Well, I am the Author. So, your next question probably is what makes this guy think he can write on the topics he writes about? What makes him think he understands emotions and can tell me something I didn’t know about life, thoughts, and feelings. The answer to that question is not some books I read or some degree I took in Psychology but my understanding of emotions is the result of my own struggle with depression, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, etc. Quite simply, if I didn’t learn anything I wouldn’t be here to talk to you right now. That said, I am knowledgeable enough in psychology, philosophy, ancient spirituality, etc. to back up my statements with well-established facts from those fields. I will never ask you to take something I say on faith but ultimately you will have to judge for yourself if the things I say have merit.

I have been many things, I have been an activist, a political worker, an entrepreneur, a social worker, a researcher, etc. I have met people from 80 countries, an extraordinary experience which broadened my horizons to say the least. I have had dinner with people ranging from CEOs of big companies to convicted criminals, and politicians. I have a graduate degree in Applied Computing and a post-graduation in International Development. I ran a web development company for about 5 years, but my heart just wasn’t in it.

A few years ago, I started an NGO called Vlisten.org that helps people deal with emotional issues. Then I figured a better way to share my knowledge with people would be to write a book. The one book later turned into multiple works. The first of the books will be out in the coming month, November 2019, and it is called “Stop Fighting Yourself and Move Upwards.” The second is already finished and will be out sometime next year. The second book is tentatively titled “How to Find Meaning in Life and Master your Emotions.” I am also working on a third book, which is on the topic of relationships and will cover topics like “what is love”. The book is currently in the research phase.

Anyway that is the short version of who I am. I hope you enjoy what I write and do share your views whenever you read any of my work. Thank you for your support.

Yours Sincerely
Parasuram Thampi